I have lived in South London all my life, having been born here in 1960. Originally a Maintenance Technician, I later studied Fine Art (B.A) at Roehampton College (1999), and Print-making (M.A) at Camberwell College (2002). Some of my life portraits and sculpted figures are drawn from observations in bars and public places. These are often an exploration of alienation in peoples lives. It is sometimes easier to study isolated characters. I am also attracted to drawing semi-abstract cityscapes, especially of London. These scenes, as well as my abstract painted figures, contain an element of chance to my work – the images can take shape in all sorts of disparate ways as I work on them . It is not knowing the exact outcome of each work beforehand, that I find the most satisfying creatively. We all must be taken aback by art – never be indifferent, never be jaded.


I have exhibited mainly in London , such as the BACF, Sheridan Russell and Union Galleries, and a little further afield in America.